back to basics: posture clinic and practice
methodology based on the Ashtanga Primary Series

Saturday, March 7th 2020 // 2:30-5pm at triyoga Shoreditch

We will learn in detail:

– safe anatomical alignment, working with hypermobility, stiffness, injuries and other concerns
– the directions you are moving in postures & how to breathe in postures (what you’re supposed to be doing while you hold them!)
– The postures we are exploring will be selected from the Ashtanga Primary Series.

In this workshop you will:

– learn the most common elements of an Ashtanga Vinyasa posture practice, this understanding will give you a solid foundation for almost any style of yoga practice
– gain an understanding of how to approach postures on an individual basis & how to modify if working with injuries or other concerns
– We will learn Sun Salutations A & B, all of the standing posture and a selection of seated postures.

You will leave this workshop:

– feeling confident to step into group yoga classes
– with a deeper understanding of how yoga works
– feeling inspired to start your practice, or bring a fresh perspective to your already existing practice

This workshop is for all practitioners. Complete beginners are welcomed along with current students of Ashtanga or any other lineage. For anyone interested in learning practice methodology.

intro to inversions – how to safely practice upside down

Saturday, June 6th & Oct 10th 2020 // 2:30-5pm at triyoga Shoreditch

We will break down the basics of inversions – alignment and anatomy – to help advance your understanding of being upside down and to ultimately incorporate proper technique into your practice. Drills and strength training for headstands, forearm stands, hand stands and some transitions with arm balances will be covered.

You will leave feeling confident in your understanding of how to approach headstands and other inversions. Patience, awareness and consistent practice are the essentials we need to bring into our practices. Ashley teaches from the perspective of the Ashtanga lineage. Come prepared to work, and bring an open mind!

This workshop is for anyone who has an interest in learning how to invert, some basic experience in practicing yoga is required.
Level: open level – for those with six months of practice & more experienced students