Yoga for living a kinder, happier & confident life.

We create our own reality and are truly the only ones who experience life in our shoes – why not make it a fulfilling one?

I thought I kind of knew happiness, until I found yoga, and then things really started to shift. It’s a kind of shift you can’t explain until you experience it for yourself. You will begin to see how everything is connected, and small things that seem isolated, will start to fit into a larger puzzle. 

The discipline of a yoga practice is life changing – but it is a discipline – and must be practiced with commitment to experience it’s profound effects. Start by cleansing & toning the body with a posture/asana practice paired with ujjayi breath to create a moving meditation – in other words – come to class!!


~ What people are saying about Ashley’s classes ~

“Really great class – lots of variation and not repetitive. One of the best classes I’ve been to.”

“Ashley was great, I would definitely book a class with her again. The class had a good rhythm and she had a great teaching style.”

“Love her! Ashley was patient, professional and kept the room in a calm space with ease.
Gave lots of variations and progression without forcing anyone to move on to the next step”

“Great flow, just the right pace that made me feel awesome afterwards.”

“Ashley was great, she really explained how to get into the poses and what alternatives we could do if it wasn’t comfortable. Really enjoyed her class and will do it again!”

“She was very supportive! Usually in a yoga class it can drag on but I found Ashley to be very engaging and a lot of fun.”